Grupo La Corralina Choice

Ibérico Ribs

The Ibérico Rack of Ribs is simply perfect for braising, roasting or grilling. And the “loose” ribs are a delicious morsel that has been highly appreciated in our land for centuries.

Ibérico Loin

Ibérico Loin has visible fat infiltration (marbling). This cut is particularly tender and ideal for traditional preparations (grilled, pan seared, …)

Ibérico Pork Belly

The quality of the Ibérico Pork Belly is truly considered as quite unique due to its organoleptic qualities.

Ibérico Pluma

Are you by any chance looking for juiciness and flavour? Look no further, the answer is Ibérico Pluma. The best example of an extraordinary cut, yet only if it is Ibérico.

Ibérico Presa

The Ibérico Presa or Ball gathers together, in one single cut, all the virtues of Ibérico meats: extra mild texture and intense flavour.

Ibérico Secreto

This is one of the cuts with the greatest proportion of infiltrated (marbled) fat. The result is more than obvious: intense flavour and guaranteed unctuousness.

Ibérico Tenderloin

This cut is highly appreciated because of its flavour and tenderness. This is the tenderloin of tenderloins

Ibérico Top Loin (Collar), Rolled Ibérico Pork Belly and Ibérico Spare Ribs

The top loin or collar is a very juicy cut of meat, with an intense flavour, enriched by its abundant infiltration (marbling) of fat.

Rolled Ibérico Pork Belly is the most popular presentation of the famous Ibérico Pork Belly. Our group’s classic format.

Ibérico Spare Ribs; unctuousness made meat. The Ibérico Spare Ribs are an absolute surprise for all the senses.

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