La Corralina Group:  So Smooth, So Healthy

The genetics and the diet of the Ibérico Pigs allow for its main organoleptic characteristic, which in turn also provides it with its unique flavour and smooth unctuousness, to also transform it into a fabulous ally in as far as health is concerned.


The fat that infiltrates its muscles, thanks to its unique genotype and the exercise when free-ranging, has a truly outstanding composition. In the case of Ibérico Pigs fed on a diet of acorns, their fat reaches concentrations of 56% oleic acid, for a total of 80% unsaturated fatty acids, those considered CARDIO-HEALTHY. Simply put this is because these unsaturated fatty acids, in particular oleic acid, contribute to an increase in the HDL blood levels (good cholesterol) and reduce the presence of LDL (bad cholesterol).


So, to be added to the normal benefits obtained from pork, with the Ibérico pig we also have to add the positive effect of helping to control some of this society’s most frequent health problems. Thus, flavour and health all rolled into one single product.


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